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Better Blue aims to empower Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) with critical mental health tools needed to cope with the stressors and trauma that is widely felt, but often unacknowledged in the law enforcement community.  While the mind is powerful, the absence of proper coping mechanisms when dealing with traumatic experiences can lead to a ripple effect of pain, mental and physical deterioration. While LEOs tend to be mentally strong, coping with career and personal pressures can be challenging. A network and sense of community is needed to help build and sustain a healthy life beyond the badge.

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There are so few mental health resources available to Law Enforcement Officers.  Seeking help or treatment is not only uncommon, but it is somewhat discouraged within many police departments across the nation. Better Blue was created to provide a healthy outlet for Law Enforcement Officers to share their work/life struggles in a safe environment, without judgment or condemnation from their employer and peers.

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It’s been researched and studied that group therapy is highly effective in helping to achieve healing.  Group therapy allows for people to express themselves without having the fear of being judged, ridiculed, and/or being labeled.  Characteristics such as compassion and empathy are shown to develop tremendously through group settings by shared struggles and experiences.  Further, with group settings one-person’s improvement or development into a healthier mindset can engender hope within other group members.  Better Blue provides this group style setting and welcomes all LEOs to unload and share so we can move forward healthier and supported, hence “Better Blue”.

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